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5 Exotic Destinations with Winter Sun


While many people find the chill of winter, the perfect time to cozy-up (with someone in a few cases), enjoying snowfall and skiing, roasted marshmallows and seasonal food and beverages that make winters a magical time of the year. With Christmas and New Year’s bestowing its own charm of good cheer and gatherings, reunions and celebration, many still prefer the warmth and sunshine of perhaps the tropical regions where the holiday season still offers warmth, sight-seeing and a natural tan.



Offering you a Saharan experience that includes warm winters roughly 20°C. Amazing beaches with an exotic essence found within the culture, people, cuisine and sights that are ideal for families. You must try camel trekking, arts and crafts and the traditional mint tea. Explore the beauty of Casablanca, the historically rich Volubilis, the mountains of the Atlas and Rif, beautiful striking birds and friendly people that are happy to show visitors around their country. A useful tip though, would be to load your pockets with small change as tipping plays a vital role in Moroccan life.



Another must-place to visit if fun in the balmy sun is what you’re after, Cuba would be the place for you. With temperatures of 26 degrees centigrade, picturesque beaches with warm seas, is a paradise you don’t want to miss out on. A fascinating culture with hospitable people who’d be all too willing to help you get a true feel of the rich heritage and surroundings. A must see would be the open caves and lagoons that will surely add a magical moment or two to your trip. While you’re there, you must try a cruise on one of the many luxury liners that are said to be big in Cuba throughout 2017. Aside from this, the cuisine, music and dance are another of the many attractions awaiting you as are the theatres and cigars which are world renowned.



Aside from the sizzling 30°C, some for the magic of the Maldives lie in the breathtaking natural beauty. The ultimate destination for those adventurous enough as the water-sports in this region requires. From snorkeling to diving and some exploring of the shallow lagoons that house some of the most colourful and exotic fish in the world. A perfect learning experience through fun for the kids. The Coral Islands in particular offer a magical essence both under the sea and on land. You must try the glass-bottomed boat rides and surfing the seas in true Maldivian style. As the beauty and ambiance is as blissful as you can imagine, be prepared however, for small bouts of heavy rain and humidity. On the bright side, you get 100% winter sun.



An exotic island nation in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The perfect place for adventure for all ages. The family oriented destination offering many sites and scenes that can be explored. From parks to waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife such as the flying fox that is a must-see no matter what. It can get a bit wet during the winters but temperatures remain at 30°C with sunshine for approximately 8 hours a day. Other attractions to look forward to are deep-sea fishing, safari jeep trips, scuba-diving, horse-racing, dolphins watch, water-skiing and rock-climbing.



A country linking North-East Africa with the Middle-East. Egypt has a deep-rooted history, culture and heritage that make for an equally fun and insightful trip for all ages. Cloudless skies, dry heat and temperatures around 25°C make a toasty invitation for anyone looking for winter warmth and adventure. A trip down the Nile, touring the great pyramids or going for camel rides are a few starters you must go for. Aside from the friendly folk, you can find many sights and attractions that should include the Egyptian Museum and spectacular Islamic architecture in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.



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