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Art, Interior Design and what you’re Missing out On


Interior Design holds a different meaning for various people. What is however common among a majority of individuals, is the excitement, significance and enthusiasm. These are noted key factors that are wrapped up in this process especially when dealing with one’s own home. While many may talk passionately about colour schemes, furniture, ornaments or even lighting, one who gives equal importance to art is often if not always a rarity.

Should anyone think about using art in any form or including it in their design plans, it is mostly at the tail end of the process. The opposite direction to how a professional would handle or recommend this vital aspect of interior design. Truth be told, art especially wall art has the ability to uplift any space large or small that makes for an inviting, appealing appearance for any room.

What is wall art?

The simplest answer to this question would be that wall art is the easiest way to give any space regardless of size or shape a complete look. Highlighting a harmony between colours and items visible in this space. It enables you to harness all the qualities, feelings and mood you hold dear from the appearance of the room.

Colour me creatively

Giving wall art higher priority will help serve as a foundation for the colour palette for the room you are designing. This is why choosing artwork that best represents your style or the personality and mood of the space is essential. Whatever colours are visible in the wall art you choose will then translate into the pieces that are seen in this space. Ornaments, furniture, lamps, even cushions will then work to form a harmony between everything in the room.

Grabbing your attention

Another purpose of having wall art and the importance it holds in interior design is the ability to grab anyone’s attention. Wall art that grasps a person’s focus, as well as enables the person to get a good sense of the décor and look, is considered a job well done.

Texture and versatility

Well-chosen wall art can also contribute a creative and unique element of texture that in turn will add richness and finesse to your space. Whether mild or bold, texture is key in adding that extra wow to the room. Similarly the size or shape of wall art you choose can indeed tell a story unlike any other. From a gallery wall with frames of different sizes to one bold over-sized statement maker. The story is yours for the telling.





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