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How to Clean your Leather Jacket at Home. Simple.


Many will agree that leather has rapidly made itself synonymous to a lifestyle, possessing a luxury element. Making itself accessible to all, while having a multitude of options for each gender no matter what temperament.

You have a favourite leather jacket or coat that is either relatively new or one that has been with you for a considerable amount of time. Either way, there arises a point where you need to care for and maintain this style staple and cleaning it is an important part of the routine.

All leather apparel have their own care instructions that should be followed to the t, if you want to keep the product looking good as new for as long as possible. Should for any reason this cleaning process not be enough or not as extensive as you hoped, below is an easy breezy way to clean your leather jacket or coat at home.

You will need:

A mild soap- shampoo or hand soap both work well

A bowl of warm water

Two soft rags- a soft towel or sponges work well too

Oil such as olive oil or white vinegar

Let’s DO This:

Mix a little soap into the warm water. You only need a little for an entire jacket. Using excess soap solution leads to a thin film formation on the jacket that will give a dull and dingy look. You don’t want that.

Dampen the rag, towel or sponge and gently wash the item using mild strokes as you focus portion by portion of the jacket. This will remove small or salt stains if any and give a fresh look from the exterior.

Should the lining of the jacket or coat be removable, do so for optimum results. Remove the lining and wash separately to avoid lengthy drying or stale odour that would result from washing the inside as you did the outside. If the lining is not removable, use a fabric refresher solution and let it dry.

Once the cleaning is finished of the leather jacket, make sure it has dried too. This is when you use the oil in moderate amount over the surface of the jacket or coat. This is to moisture the product and prevent it from drying out or cracking all over. If the jacket or coat begins to shine that is a clear signal that excess oil is used. Should this happen, use a soft sponge, rag or towel and dab the particular surface until you are sure that the surface no longer has any extra oil.

As far as white vinegar goes, many believe using it on its own or in an equal quantity to olive oil, makes for an ideal moisturizer if you will, for leather jackets and coats. Truth be told, using white vinegar may be a risk which we would prefer you not take rather than be sorry later. Unless you have either seen it being done or have done so for other leather products. After the jacket or coat has dried again. Admire it before you store it. Now that’s how you clean a leather jacket at home.

Fun Facts: Do not store your leather jacket or coat in plastic as this will rapidly dry out the skin. Instead go for a cloth garment bag or one that is made of netting. Another alternative would be non-porous storage containers. Also use strong wooden hangers or padded hangers to store leather garments.




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