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An Inspiring Essence of Fantasy- Joanna Kustra


An award-winning Polish Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photographer, Joanna Kustra loves to see beauty in everything and everyone. A self-proclaimed ‘regular’ individual who enjoys audio-books, coffee, flying and fencing. Her interest in the arts extended from a childhood passion aside from playing the piano and oboe. A self-taught photographer who is all too happy to share her photography skills as well her knowledge of re-touching and editing which she does herself, the perfectionist that she is.

Alongside an impressively energetic, diverse and inspiring portfolio, Joanna is all about the portrayal of beauty and bringing out only the best features in her models. Her achievements that continue to grow by the day, include several individual and group exhibitions as well as many publications in magazines and books.

To some her work is described as powerful interpretations of beauty and glamour. While others affirm a unique and inspiring essence of fantasy with a subtle dose of whimsy. Among the many inspiring photographs by Joanna, here are some of our favourites which we know you’d totally agree with.


From her ‘Reminiscence’ series, Joanna captures elegance, grace and old-fashioned glamour with hints of 20s style that highlights an authentic sequence of characteristics and expressions to match that era. The intelligent use of colour, accessorizing and detail, the softness and femininity of each pose brings to life demure beauty at its best. Makeup by Marcin Szczepaniak, Hair styling by Magdalena Tucholska and Models Gabi and Anna Markowska.



Another series by Joanna Kustra that highlights creativity, style and beauty is the ‘Bohema’ series that encompasses a true bohemian element found in different forms in every image. From the choice of wardrobe, makeup and accessories to the lighting, subtle ambiance and the expressions by the model in every frame.


This series would be a classic example of a blend of the essence of the bohemian lifestyle and modern feeling that makes each photograph relevant to the subject and times while giving a unique look at the photographer’s talent. Makeup by Marcin Szczepaniak and Model Doriana.


Joanna Kustra has indeed set a record for herself, through which she visually sets the bar higher with the capture of every photograph. We are positive, she will not only go a long way to accomplish true greatness but will continue to mesmerize the world with her creative skills and talent for beauty, fashion and photography.


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